Jose Chameleone Downplays UMA , Forms New Music Body




Over yesterday Uganda music legend Jose Chameleone  and other so called  “Super Stars” musicians officially departed from Uganda Music Association and form new music body.

“Kigwa Leero” hit maker and his musical associates over yesterday downplayed UMA as their governing body and announced formation of new music in names of Uganda Music Federation .

They elected Jose Chameleone as their president and other board members to be announced later.

During his interview NBS Uncut program upon being appointed UMF president , Chameleon revealed that their goal was not to fight other music bodies but rather to unite them towards a common objective.

He even called upon Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) headed by Cindy to come and join them.

UMA is the legally recognized association that heads all musicians in Uganda.

But Chameleon said that the body he had helped form 15 years ago had failed to achieve it’s objectives.

“I want to thank all of you that have elected and entrusted me with this big opportunity. I promise not to let you down and will lead you diligently. I call upon other organizations to come and join us because this is the father of all entertainment associations in Uganda. Our role will be to promote Ugandan music beyond borders. We are not here to fight anyone but to work with everyone for the good of our Industry.” Chameleon said.

Musicians such as Pallaso, Fefe Busi among others were all present.

It’s said this is a project that has been in the works and was endorsed by some of the biggest artists in the industry.

It’s not yet known how other artists in UMA will react to this news.

However, it’s said that the Salim Saleh money which he intends to throw into the music industry is what has brought up the different groups to clash.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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