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Jackie Chandiru Speaks Out On Begging her Ex Caleb Alaka to Take her Back


Nairobi based Ugandan singer, Jackie Chandiru can not believe some bloggers would have the audacity to report that she was begging her ex, Caleb Alaka to come back to her.

Reports had been circulating that Chandiru was tired of chilly nights in Nairobi, forcing her to beg her ex lover, Caleb to re ignite old memories.

Caleb Alaka, a popular city lawyer and Chandiru had years back been the Ugandan Romeo and Juliet despite the former being married.

The two however split up after Caleb regained his wits and crawled back to his wife, Namuli with whom he has three children.

Caleb Alaka and Linda Namuli during their introduction ceremony (Photo: file)

An angered Chandiru took to her Instagram and wondered how anyone would post such nosense as her gong to back to her ex as though there weren’t any other men in the whole wide world

“I’m very disappointed you can post such nonsense and even have the audacity!! I always had respect for you but I surely whoever is paying you is paying you enough. This is the old journalism. But clearly you have no problem!!!” Jackie Chandiru posted.

During her hey days with Caleb, Chandiru infiltrated his family and caused his wife sleepless nights. Caleb even went as far as putting his three children under Chandiru’s care.

However, his wife Namuli holds no grudge against her and prays that Jackie would soon get a man she can call her own.

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