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It’s time for Music not words – Pallaso to Gravity Omutujju Following his recent outburst

Singer Pius Mayanja alias Pallaso  has joined a growing list of people in the entertainment industry that have bad feelings towards Gravity Omutujju’s recent outburst that took aim at Jose Chameleone, Bobi Wine, and Bebe Cool.

While comment on Gravity’s outburst on the big 3 artists ,Pallaso said that people know what Gravity sings and his fans that when he shares his views people should treat them as they understand him .

He further said that he won’t validate or discredit his opinion because it’s his but according to Pallaso he credited those people who came before them because they did great work for the industry and that instead of putting them ,they should be appreciated
He concluded by saying that It’s is not industry for words but music .

“You know Gravity, you know what he sings, you know Gravity’s fans… when he shares his views, treat them as you understand him,… personally, I won’t validate or discredit his opinion because it’s his… On my end, I’ll only say that people that came before us did great work, and some like Chameleone are still doing well… Bobi Wine is… alive,… but not musically…. he did a political transition because that’s where his calling was… Bebe Cool is still releasing music”, he said.

“Then you come in our group… Eddy Kenzo is producing good music… Pallaso is amazing… Even Gravity is amazing to his fans… But my thinking is that we can co-exist and be appreciated… but respect is a two-way street… at the end of the day, the industry is moving on. And it’s not an industry of words, but music.”,he added.

Pallaso’s comments come on the heels of remarks rapper Gravity Omutujju made about Chameleone himself, Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine, saying they had become lazy and irrelevant and they should bow out of the industry.

He also said that they had refused to promote his concert because they are scared of him. Gravity, however, later said that he deliberately didn’t invite Bebe Cool because he knew his political views would fend off some people.

After days of scathing comments in the media, Gravity received overwhelmingly negative reviews from music fans and he retracted his statements.

Last week he called a press conference during which he teared up, saying that people had misinterpreted his comments. He also claimed there are some people in the industry with an ax to grind.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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