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“It’s All Because of Bobi Wine” – Pastor Mondo Mugisha Explains Fraud Accusations

Famed man of God, Pastor Mondo Mugisha has dismissed accusations of being involved in a shs.4b fraud, insisting that it is because of NUP President, Kyagulanyi Sentamu that he is under probe.

Pastor Mondo made an appearance in an interview on Spark TV  and explained that he has always known Bobi Wine since he was a toddler and immediately saw in him, the making of a leader. He however supports President Museveni political-wise.

“I saw Hon Kyagulanyi when he was 11 years at Brain Trust Academy, I prayed for him and God revealed to me that he will one time be a leader but God didn’t specify and I think Kyagulanyi has been a leader of his constituency. Kyagulanyi also speaks with people in the government and I believe he has friends everywhere.He is my friend also but politically I support President Museveni,” Mondo said.

“However, I want to tell our leaders that I don’t have any issue with NRM if there is anything wrong I did when I welcomed Kyagulanyi at the platform while at the funeral of Pr. Yiga, please I ask for forgiveness, I confess that I will never welcome Kyagulanyi anywhere again. Also, they should know that I’m not the one who invited him at the funeral, Kyagulanyi came like any common man. People have been calling telling me that I’m in all this because of Kyagulanyi,” he added.

He went on to beg authorities to forgive him if his ties with Bobi Wine are the cause of the accusations.

“If this is why I’m being tortured, I plead to the leaders to forgive me, I will never do it again. Even if they don’t want me to meet kyagulanyi I will respect their decision.” he cried, like a child.

Alongside musician Catherine Kusasira, Mondo Mugisha is accused of being involved in a shs. 4 billion fraud case. The two appeared before State House anti corruption unit. They are however still under investigation.

Khina Murah
Khina Murah
I am a Ugandan well trained and experienced Entertainment journalist and businesswoman. I do both research and anchoring.


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