“It will Never End in Tears” – Joel Atiku Assures Haters about Romance with Cindy Sanyu




To mark five years since they started dating, actor Joel Atiku said he doesn’t care at all if his relationship with singer Cindy Sanyu ends in tears. He explained that it is not a mantra he lives by but focuses on what he has picked and makes sure it works out.

“I am not scared about our relationship ending in tears. In all things I do, I never look at the negative. That is why when I enter something, I don’t start thinking it won’t work, but make it work regardless. I Don’t have that mentality,” he said.

He added that people claim to know Cindy because all they do is see her onstage and music videos but not who she really is at home, also noting that they will get married someday, he does not know when.

Cindy Sanyu - Joel Atiku
Cindy Sanyu – Joel Atiku

“Members of the public don’t know Cindy, they know the King Herself. She is a real woman in all sense of the world. We made five years together. By the time someone proposes, it is a sign a wedding is coming. About when it will happen, I don’t know.”

Khina Murah
Khina Murah
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