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“It Was a Public Stunt”- Diamond Responds to Harmonize’s Apology to Him

It should be remembered on new year eve Harmonize apologized to  his former boss Diamond but it seem! Harmonize is going through rejection by Diamond

We know he has not been in good terms between the two artists since the day he decided to pack his things and leave WCB. Since then it has been jab after jab in interviews and social media posts.

Responding to an apology Harmonize made to Diamond,  his former boss said it was a publicity stunt and not a genuine one and that he was able to sense the true intention of Harmonize and that is why he never responded.

On New Year’s Day, Harmonize apologized publicly for having recorded and released several diss tracks that were aimed at demeaning his former boss.

“Speaking this from the bottom of my heart i love you bro it is a new year 2021 ♥️ thank you 4 changing my life peke uliona dhahabu kwenye mchanga na giza jingi sanaa….!!! Leo hii africa mzima special East Africa wanajivunia uwepo wangu this love is 4 ever my brother. Everything I have done it’s jus to make you proud.” He wrote

Speaking in an interview with Lil Ommy, he referred to Harmonize as an attention seeker and that is why he did not respond to the apology.

“You know, I can tell when someone is looking for attention using my name from someone who is genuinely means it. So when someone is looking for attention, I know it very well

Harmonize - Diamond Platnumz
Harmonize – Diamond Platnumz

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