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Irene Ntale Confirms Parting ways with Universal Music Group

Ugandan artist Irene Ntale has confirmed parting ways with Nigeria’s Universal Music Group after almost two and half years of working together.

Irene Ntale was the first Ugandan Musician to be signed by the African wing of Universal Music Group after her ending her business relationship with swagz Avenue in 2017.

Although Ntale declined to reveal the reasons to why the deal never succeeded well.

But she revealed that she had a quality time with the label as their fulfilled everything they had promised her.

The best benefit she recounts from the deal with the Nigerian record label is that she gained different contacts that can help her elevate her musical career.

She also revealed that she recorded several music projects with Universal Music Group.

I don’t want to talk about my deal with Universal Music Group because it is no longer in the picture.

I did benefit a lot from the record label. A lot, a lot, a lot cause I learnt a lot, got different contacts and connections from different individuals who run music business and I am very grateful for that opportunity.

I was recording music and working with them and that’s why I stayed in Nigeria for some time. Apparently, I’m going forward because the best things in life are in the future.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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