iPhone 13 Price Surprises Many as Apple Anticipates Its Launch




Prolific internet leaker Max Weinbach has revealed the latest iPhone 13 camera, battery and prices which have left many Apple fans excited.

In a series of tweets, Weinbach (via his @pineleaks Twitter account) revealed:

Apple fans were shocked by recent iPhone 13 price leaks which are said you will have to pay a lot more than you expect for Apple’s newest smartphones.

  • iPhone 13 rises will not increase
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max battery is 20% larger Vs iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro batteries are 10% larger
  • iPhone 13‌ mini has an extra hour of battery life.
  • iPhone 13 Pro battery life may shorten due to 120Hz ProMotion display

The big takeaway here is iPhone 13 pricing. TSMC, Apple’s primary chip supplier, has increased costs by up to 20% which has piled pressure on Apple to pass this on to customers. Earlier this week, Apple was said to have decided to raise iPhone 13 prices, but Weinbach says this will not happen which will be a great relief to millions of upgraders.

Weinbach added some new information to leaks he has made previously. In February, he claimed the iPhone 13 would receive a major upgrade to its ultrawide camera and now he quantifies that as a massive 40% increase in the amount of light the camera can take in. He also says the primary camera across all iPhone 13 models can receive 15% more light.


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