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Investigative Journalist Canary Mugume Promises to Capture Man Running Fake Twitter Account

NBS TV’s investigative journalist Canary Mugume has come out to defend  himself against rape accusations pinned on him by his ex-Rwandan girlfriend , he  has  promised  to capture man behind the fake account and expose him plus his entire blackmail group.

The investigative journalist is being accused by a one Cherry Gisha as per her social media names for having raped her back in 2018 and then after dumped her like a rug.

Despite bleeding with trauma and psychological torture for two good years, Cherry Gisha decided to expose Canary Mugume who she also claims to be a gay so as to get justice.

It is alleged that Canary committed the evil in company of his friends while in his car after mixing drugs in Cherry’s milk thereby raping her as revenge for reporting him to his mother in-law that he was doing homosexuality.

Through his socials, the investigative Journalist has trashed the baseless rumours being attached to his name by attention seekers thereby calling upon revellers to forego false accusations and treat them as fake in this new year due to their personal agenda which in the end leads to the tarnishing of others’ reputation.

“Treat everything from this account as fake. The boy tweeting will soon be exposed with his entire blackmail group, who are paid just to spoil people’s names.”-He Posted.




KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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