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IN TROUBLE : Momo 19 Accused of Money Extortion worth 1.10 Million

Info reaching our website indicating former BBS Tv presenter Maureen Naluwooza alias Momo 19 is in trouble after being accused of extortion of 1.10 from her instagram follower Identified as Amina Nanteza.

According to Nanteza, alleges that she sent Momo 19 dime to process for her visa to Turkey and air ticket after seeing her making several adverts for Nab- Hermu tours and travel company via her instagram page.

She said after Momo receiving money she promised her that her visa and air ticket will be out with in 3 weeks however,the weeks turned into months without getting her visa.

Displaying the receipts for proof of financial transaction Nanteza made to Momo’ s contacts, she has added that Momo gave her a WhatsApp contact and sent her the national Identity card in the names of Naluwooza Maureen which she used to send the money for visa processing.

” My former bosses sent Momo half of the money on the 4th of December last year and the remaining balance was 1. 10million shillings. This money included processing both a Visa and a passport to Turkey” , says Nanteza

” We have been in touch with Momo demanding my visa but all in vain. After sometime, Momo told me that they had failed to process the Turkey visa and instead we should switch to the Dubai Visa which I agreed to but I guess it failed as well” , Nanteza added

She claimed that Momo had promised to refund her money after failing to process the visa however Momo suddenly switched off her contacts leaving her with no option.

” Momo told me they were to first give me a refund of 2. 5million shillings and later give me the balance after one week though this has not been the case because she switched off her phone numbers and blocked me on WhatsApp. when I talked to her friend Allan Cruz, he told me if I can not be patient, I should go ahead and do whatever I want” , said Nanteza in a sorrowful voice.

Nanteza has vowed to sue Momo19 if she fails to refund her money back or process the Turkey visa for her as they had agreed and expressed how she is so disappointed in Momo19.

Momo 19.

” I have all the receipts and whatsapp conversations that prove that I sent Momo my money and I am going to sue her if she does not give me back my money. I thought people in the lime light are always honest when it comes to business issues that’ s the reason I decided to trust her to work for me but I am so disappointed in her. But if I fail to get justice, she should know that in this world, what goes around comes around in one way or another” , said the angry Nanteza.

However, through a phone call, Momo19 has denied the allegations saying that she is just the digital influencer of Nab- Hermu but not the CEO of the company.

” Visa and passport processing takes time and I asked Nanteza to be patient with the company as they work on her. Right now things are a bit difficult due to the Corona situation but I know the company is working on her issue” , said Momo.

On this note, she has advised Nanteza to quit the media and instead follow the procedures she told her so as to get her money back.

” I did not expect Nanteza to say all that in the media because I had told her to contact the Nab- Hermu company and give me the feedback on whatever they tell her. I respect the fact that she is my fun who decided to work with me and I am going to refund back all her money if she can not be patient but I would have left her to sort her issues with the company owners because right now she is tarnishing my name calling me a fraud. ” , said Momo19.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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