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“If you are not willing to respect your dad, you will not respect your husband” – Frank Gashumba to  Daughter Sheilah Gashumba

motor mouth social critic Frank Gashumba has spoken out his heart and frustrations that he is facing with his daughter ,Sheilah Gashumba.

In audio making rounds on social media Frank Gashumba,expressed his disappointment with his daughter Sheilah Gashumba for disrespecting him .

In audio ,Frank Gashumba is heard explaining to a lady identified as Diana about how he is disappointed with Sheilah’s behaviours and acts of sleeping outside yet she has a place where she can sleep at his residential.

He went to narrate how one day he was forced to pick her up from Bukoto -based hangout Cayenne to return her home ,an act which Sheilah deeply embarrassed before him.

He further disclosed how Sheilah denied him a chance to look at the contracts she signed with Next media and choplife yet he always wants to give her the best financial advice as a parent .

He also does not leave out how hard he has worked to provide Sheilah with whatever she needs in life including enrolling her in expensive schools like Taibah and Galaxy International where he always spent close to $4000 per term.

In a quite disappointed tone, Frank claims that Sheilah has failed to use the limelight well by investing her money in useful brands but only spends it on outings and partying with lousy friends.

The political and social activist believes Sheilah Gashumba’s brand is worth more than she has been able to achieve from it and he believes it is because of the friends she has surrounded herself with.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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