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Ibrah K Mukasa Resigns From UBC TV Joins Spark TV For “Koona Show”.

Veteran television presenter now politician Miles Rwamiti resigned from serena based station Spark Tv last year to concentrate on his political ambitions. This left a big void on the show “Koona ” and later replaced by Mr. Mosh who was presenting Cheza show that airs during the day to fill in for Rwamiti. However, like his predecessor, Mosh also bowed out and concentrate on his personal business and political aspirations..

Because of his vast experience in the entertainment industry having been an entertainment reporter for over ten years, the management at Spark TV found Ibra K Mukasa as the perfect person to present the show after quitting from UBC TV.

He is now the official presenter of Koona that airs on Spark TV every Friday from 10:30 pm till late and will be starting in March.

Ibrah is one of those guys who has been in media for some good time. He has been hosting the ‘Bwakedde-Wolokoso’ morning show on UBC TV.

The presenter was unveiled this morning at the end of Faridah’s Mwasuze Mutya show since he was the guest .And  Spark TV also made official announcement on their socials confirming as their new worker.

“Ibra K Mukasa will as well be on your screen tonight though not a guest this time. Guess what!!!!
It’s time to #Koona Dance”- posted by Spark TV.


KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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