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“I was riding my bike and scratched his car” – Boda Boda rider speaks about saga with singer Jose Chameleone

The boda boda rider has finally come out to speak about the saga involving him and singer Jose Chameleone.

We reported on this website a few days ago,how singer Jose Chameleone lashed boda boda rider for allegedly knocking his car .

The incident attracted mixed reactions from the public ,with some suggesting that Chameleone is violet person who should be brought to books while others welcomed Chameleone’s act claiming that Boda guys are indisciplined.

Well, following the saga ,the has since became a national scandal ,the boda guy who was lashed by Chameleone finally come out to give his side of the story .

While speaking to interview ,Boda guy admitted knocking Chameleone’s car while he was heading to Seguku ,that he tried to apologize to him but Chameleone just came out of his and started to lash him .

He went to say that he told Chameleone to forgive him because him because it was an accident ,Chameleone jammed which also annoyed him and decided to fight Chameleon back.

He further added that later he met with Chameleone and talked and informed him that things happened and they decided to reconcile.

“I was with a passenger heading to Seguku… and on the way I scratched his car and tried to apologise… but when I tried to apologise, he came and started lashing me. And I told him, it was an accident, forgive me… and I also got annoyed and decided to fight him. But he drove and left. Even Boda guys had started gathering, so he must have realised things were going south soon,” the Boda man said while speaking to Spark TV.

He added ;”He met me and we talked, and I told him things happen, and he told me to forgive him… and when someone says sorry, you forgive them.”

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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