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“I Was Paid Not to Release Gulu Song Part 2” – Feffe Bussi Spills Shocking Secrets


Pencil thin luga flow rapper,  Feffe Bussi has , in a fresh confession revealed how he was paid millions not to drop part two of his Gulu Song.

A few months a number of singers led by Jose Chameleon travelled to Gulu to see Gen. Salim Saleh over the plight of musicians in this pandemic induced lockdown.

It is alleged that they had gone to receive hand outs from President Museveni’s younger brother, Saleh.

However, Feffe Bussi, having been part of the Gulu entourage was disatisfied with the whole thing and took to the studio to release a new track ‘Emboozi ya Gulu’

In the song, Bussi criticises Saleh for disrespecting artistes and how they barely received a single coin from him. He promised to release part two of the song

However,over three months passed without any signs of the promise, forcing several netizens to ask what happened.

Bussi decided to let the cow out of the bag, explaining point blank that there won’t be any part two since he was paid millions not to release it.

He however declined to reveal who bribed him into silence.

Watch Song Below:

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