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“I was Once a fan of Musician Sanyu Cindy ” – Sheebah discloses


Singer Sheebah Karungi has disclosed that she was once fan of her longtime nemesis Cindy Sanyu .

While appearing on Spark TV for Mwasuze mutya program ,Sheebah said that when she made up her minds to quit Obsessions group she looked for Cindy Sanyu and asked her to write a song for her .

That she had alot of panic recording the song considering that she will never sang much while in the obsessions.

“I was a fan of musician Sanyu Cindy.I looked for her and asked her to write me a song which I wanted producer Washington to work on.I had a lot of panic recording this song considering that I never sang much while in the obsessions. -Sheebah Karungi said .

She further disclosed that she was segregated while was still with the dancing group obsessions.

“I was just a former karaoke performer, most of the girls in the group found me unfit to be among them. I wasn’t a priority and used to earn less or nothing at times,” she said.

Sheebah gained popularity after her 2014 hit single “Ice Cream” was released.

Cindy and Sheebah, meanwhile, have been waging a protracted battle for supremacy.

Their beef reached a boiling point in 2019 after Cindy dared Sheebah to a music battle, but the battle was never held.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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