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“I want to assure the NRM fraternity countrywide that we are set for landslide victory “-Hon Rosemary Namayanja

The ruling party National Resistance Movement Party’s National Treasurer Hon. Rosemary Namayanja Nsereko has assured NRM fraternity  that President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and ruling NRM party is set for a landslide victory in the Thursday January 14 presidential and Parliamentary elections.

Ms Namayanja while  addressing journalists at the party headquarters in the party’s weekly press briefing, where she said that NRM’s support is manifested in the mobilization strategy the party has employed to canvas for votes in all parts of the country.

“I want to assure the NRM fraternity countrywide that we are set for Thursday stronger than ever before. We have witnessed the fruits in terms of mobilization like the village-based mobilization strategy. We have seen the impact it has created in the villages but also working with the flag bearers. The campaign has been vigorous at the grass root, door to door and village based,” Namayanja said, adding that the party is in advanced stages of vote protection. She appealed to all Ugandans to maintain peace during this process.

“As the party it is upon us to protect our votes because there is no doubt we are destined to victory. However, I appeal to all Ugandans to maintain peace during this exercise bearing in mind that voting just ends on 14th but Uganda remains for all of us. So, let’s be peaceful in whatever we do,” Ms Namayanja said.

She added that the party presidential candidate, amidst the directive by Electoral Commission, has gone on to hold intensified scientific campaigns on radios, televisions and other media platforms.

“Our candidate has embarked on addressing voters through media in all languages catering for all tribes in the country. He has currently met more numbers than what he would have covered. And conducting of different activities in those particular districts he has revisited,” she stated.

Namayanja echoed the key decisions that were taken by the IPOD regarding campaign schedule interruption by the Electoral Commission due to covid pandemic saying that IPOD resolved that before the Electoral Commission makes changes or takes decisions, it is imperative that they consult or engage political parties in order to make well informed decisions.

She also urges everyone to observe the Standard Operating Procedures at all polling stations in the country saying that covid is real and life is more important than everything else.

She, however, reminded Ugandans of tomorrow’s Special Interest Group elections. “We also have special interest group elections tomorrow at sub-county level and these are the councilors of the youth, elderly and people with disabilities. As the NRM party we have a very strong structure on the ground and an elaborate plan to win those elections.


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