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” I Still Respect Lwasa – Angel Kwakunda Speaks Out

Lwasa Emmanuel’s ex wife Angel Kwakunda has revealed that she still holds Lwasa in high regards and they are still in talks.

The once favored couple Lwasa Emmanuel and Angel Kwakunda ended their relationships a couple of months , after several misunderstanding in the relationship.

Speaking in her recent interview ,Angel said that she has no problem with Lwasa what ever happened between them that she can never give up on him because he is one person who always there in good and bad times for her.

She further disclosed that she knew Lwasa’s relationship with Vanessa wasn’t going to work out and that she was ready to escort him at their introduction.

Noting that she loves Lwasa and ready to stay Married him even if he is married to another women because that’s what God has decided for her.

“I love Lwasa and he knows that. Me I don’t care about other women he will marry I am ready to stay married as long as he loves me and he is ready to get me my own home”,Angel said

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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