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I need a woman who is caring, Able to Apologize even when am the one in wrong – Chris Evans On His Ideal Type of Woman

Despite his failed relationship with actress Jamira Karungi, singer Chris Evans Kaweesi insists that he doesn’t see any problem in settling down with another woman as long as she portarys the qualities that he looks for into his ideal woman.

While appearing for 21 questions on Spark TV the ” Linda ” singer said that he needs a woman who is so caring and should be able to apologise even when he is the one in the wrong when he was asked the kind of woman he would wish to date again.

He further disclosed that he would prefer an ugly woman because men like him can’t handle competition in love that even to avoid other men from approaching her.

“Some men just like Chris Evans can’t handle competition in love. The singer says that he’s looking for an ugly woman to avoid other men from approaching her”,he said.

Ever since Chris Evans was dumped by his mama Jamira Karungi ,who hooked up with another man ,he has been trying his luck at love again with different women but all turn down his advances ,worsening his emotional problems .

Chris Evans Kaweesi


For now we hope that the qualities stated by Chris Evans are not hard for ladies to fulfill.If you are interested in singer ,try your luck.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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