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“I love Sheila Gashumba but am not Ready to Marry her” –God’s Plan


City Socialite Marcus Ali Lwanga alias God’s Plan has broken his long time lover’s heart after he revealed that is not ready to officially marry her.

Marcus Ali and Sheila Gashumba have been together for almost three years ever since he was thrust into the spotlight.

The couple was once considered to be a power couple and often painted their love life allover on social media through pictures while on trips.

Their love life has gone through some rough patches over the past year and the two have come to the brink of a permanent breakup. They are no longer that enviable power couple that used to paint social media red with love.

While attending church services at Pastor Bugembe’s church, over the weekend in Nansana, God’s Plan was asked by Bugembe whether he had any marriage plans with Sheila and he is said that is not yet ready for a legal marriage even after three years of dating.

Previously, they were talking of a life together but it looks like a lot has come between them, and feelings towards one another have changed.

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