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” I know that man Stanley, We wanted to help him to get a US Visa not Job” – Singer Sophie Nantongo Responds to fraud Allegations

Former Eagles Production singer Sophie Nantongo has finally responded to fraud allegations placed against her.

This was after man identified as stanely accused Sophie Nantongo of Conning him money worth shs 11M in the disguise of getting him a job in USA.

Stanely in an interview stressed that he paid Sophie 11M as a pre- requirement for processing his document after promising to get for him a job in US.

That he also availed his passport to Sophia to extract all the necessary details and all this was done in the month of June and he was given to a least October to have everything done .

What assured him of Sophia being authentic is because she’s a friend to this man’s sister. He therefore didn’t think that she would con him.

However, the day she called him asking him for certain info is when he learnt that something about her is fishy.

This is because the information she was asking for could be got from his passport.

He and other members who had met this problem filed a case at Jinja road Police station. The singer was arrested last month but barely spent a day there. She bought her way out as per this man.

“Sophia promised me and others to get us jobs in the US and we paid her money. We were supposed to give her 15m shillings but for my case, I paid 11. I got the referral from my sister and it’s what I took as a guarantee that she’s authentic . However, since then she’s been playing ping-pong with us and all was set to have been finalized by October but nothing is conclusive yet. We sued her and she was arrested but got released the following day after bribing,” said this lad.

Sophia was called by this man on camera and asked how far with refunding the money. The singer said that he should be patient because she’s still trying to finalize certain things.

Asked what he will do in case the singer defaults them, the man said that they will use other means to recover their money. He pointed out that he has proof of all the transactions made to the singer..

While appearing for her interview to defend herself against the allegations, Nantongo said that she is aware of the money in question and that she have a company that handles travels .
She further said that she knows Stanley because his sister is a close friend to her ,even it is also true that she received Stanley’s money to process his papers before clarifying that they were helping him to get a US visa not a job as he stated in the media.

“I know that man Stanley because the sister is a close friend. We received his money but through the company and not me individually. We wanted to help him get a US visa and not a job because my company doesn’t provide labor services. However, the partner company in the US postponed the program and we found ourselves tied. Since we had nothing to do, he felt conned and he ran to Police where I was summoned. I explained to them what had actually happened and they told us to come up with devised payment plan after a mutual understanding,” said the singer.

She added that she was surprised to see Stanley in the news before the date for the next payment had actually arrived. The singer said that she has no problem with paying back this money and she indeed will.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
I am a Uganda born Writer , Entertainment news journalist , influencer , Marketer ,News editor and critic for the latest East African Entertainment news


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