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“I Just eat alot of Food But am Not Pregnant” – Nina Roz Speaks Out on her Massive Weight Gain

If you have bumped into Nina Akakunda aka Nina Roz of recent, it is easier to tell that Nina has massively put on weight following her some what flamboyant and surprising introduction to city producer Daddy Andre.

For those that knew her from way back, she was slim and slender but now she has massively gained weight leaving her fans suspicious of a Pregnancy for Daddy Andre’s child.

The singer, while speaking in an interview with NBS Television on the Chatroom show with Karitas Karisimbi,  opened up on her weight gain and her recent change in size. Nina stated that she is not pregnant as the rumor has been stating but rather just satisfied with all the food she has been eating.

She said that she is not ready to get pregnant and attributes the weight gain to peace of mind and a good diet.

Nina Roz's Before and After
Nina Roz’s Before and After

Khina Murah
Khina Murah
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