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“I have the most Handsome man in Uganda”- Sheila Gashumba Brags

City slayer, the pencil sized former Tv presenter Sheila Carol Gashumba has come out  and bragged on her socials as she is the one person with the most handsome man in Uganda.

Months back she came out and made post saying that she is the not the only Ugandan with most beautiful lips anymore because her new hubby Rickman also does something  many people disagreed about making funny memes  out of them.

This time ,Sheila has decided to compliment her new boyfriend Rickman by shockingly revealing that Rickman is the cutest and humblest  man in whole of Uganda.

“He was the cutest!!,I was the baddest.sometimes i think l’m too much for my boyfriend because he is such  a humble cutie and  I ain’t.Mess with me or him you will get it raw without me thinking twice ” ,Sheila posted on her instagram.

Sheila hooked up Rickman months after bitter breakup with her ex- boyfriend Gods plan.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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