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“I Have Always Helped Mzee Abdul Even though he neglected me” – Diamond Platnumz Opens up

Tanzania bongo flava musician Nasibu Abdul aka as Diamond Platnumz has for the first time opened up about his biological father. He has narrated how his step father Mzee Abdul Juma neglected him as a child while growing up.

Speaking in an interview with Wasafi fm yesterday,   Diamond revealed that growing up he knew that Mzee Abdul was his father. He said that he came to know about his real father in the year 2000.

Diamond Platnumz further added that although he knew the truth all along, it was hard for the public to know because he decided to put his siblings closer and work with them. Mzee Abdul’s daughter who is known as Queen  Darlin was the first female to be signed by Diamond’s Wasafi record.

The singer  further revealed that his love for Mzee Abdul never faded away, as he continued to love him as a father. Diamond has also disclosed on how Mzee Abdul would distance him sometimes and ‘abandon’ him. This would lead to Diamond asking himself many questions, on why his own father was abandoning him.

Diamond Platnumz has also explained on how he has been helping Mzee Abdul, despite him saying the opposite on media stations. Diamond Platnumz insisted that his love for his father has never gone away and he still loves him.

"Abdul Juma is Not Your Real Father" - Mama Dangote Tells Diamond Platnumz
“Abdul Juma is Not Your Real Father” – Mama Dangote Tells Diamond Platnumz

“Anything that was said did not have any lies attached to it especially to do with me. As I was growing up I knew Abdul was my father. In the year 2000, I was told by Mama RJ to go to the market place in Tandale and look for a certain Salum Bubu. When I get there I should tell him I am his son. I got there and he was selling rice. He was a huge rice supplier. I met him and told him I have been sent to him as his son. He gave me rice and some money.

“When I was young because I knew Mzee Abdul is my father I would go visit him after they separated with my mother and his mother would chase me away because she did not like me. I remember when he was sick I went to see him and he said I have come to confirm if he is dead so that we can inherit his wealth. Because he had money then. All this time I did not know anything. But now it makes sense why I was not wanted at Mzee Abdul’s but wanted at Ricardo Momo’s house.” 

“Another thing I need to say is that I used to help Mzee Abdul. In fact, my mum used to pressure me so much to send money to my father -as we have known him-  and I would. This made mum feel bad because when he needed my help I was there for him yet he said in the media that I never helped him.”

Khina Murah
Khina Murah
I am a Ugandan well trained and experienced Entertainment journalist and businesswoman. I do both research and anchoring.


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