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” I Had Given Up On A Dream of Becoming A Mother” – Anne Kansiime Reveals


Early this year,Comedian Anne Kansiime shocked Many when she shared a photo of her baby bump on social Media.

This confirmed that she was soon expecting with her boyfriend Skylanta.

Anne after awhile has decided to open up about her struggle while trying to get a child with hubby Skylanta.

Comedian has revealed details about her struggle to become a mother for the first time,during her YouTube channel Q& A session .She narrated that she wanted to a have a child and somewhat put pressure on herself that she ought to get ababy with Sky .

Anne Kansiime and Sky
Anne Kansiime and Sky

She said that she found out that she was pregnant after giving on her dream of becoming a mother .she had tried to get a child and even did IVF but it failed ,and that left her feeling like a failure.

However ,when things got darker she left the city and went to her partner’s place ,where she stayed for seven weeks and later when she resumed work ,a pal asked her to take a pregany test on finding out that she was pregnant after years.

She added that her challenge with fertility issues began way back in high school,where they used to check for pregnancy every often and that she would feel so much pain during that process.So later,when she wanted to have kids the doctors told her fallopian tube was blocked and to unblock them ,she needed to undergo another process that took her three days.

Despite this being something that happend in the past ,Anne said that she has never forgotten about that exprience because it is still fresh to her.That she even tried IVF hoping that she and her hubby would get a child because she wanted to have a child so bad.

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she said.” During that period, her mom was also sick, and so at one point, she left the city and went to her boyfriend’s place for seven weeks. However, when she got back to work to do some influencer work, her director noticed she had not tucked in, and later in the day, she bought Kansiime a pregnancy kit. Three days later, she tried the test, and it turned out positive. However, she could not believe it because she had already given up on getting a child.”

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