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“I Dumped The Old Lover I Was Going to Marry, I Got A New One With Blessings”- MC Kapale Reveals

Local comedian Kawuki Simon aka Mc Kapale has revealed that he dumped old lover Shakirah Nabasirye he was going to marry and hooked up new one with Rwandanese mixed blood.

It should be remembered a few days, developments came indicating that Kapale was preparing Kwanjula ceremony with Shakira.

Though it didn’t happen after lady who was invatation cards came out claiming that she didn’t nothing about the ceremony that even details on cards aren’t hers.

While appearing for an interview on Urban TV , Kapale said that he dumped Shakira and got new woman he is going to marry .

That even the introduction plan with his new lover is going on though mama Fiina told him to take it out of the media because he is not doing it for public and that he knows specific people to give him contribution and no need for meetings.

Adding that the new woman came with blessings and blessed him every where he goes because already gifted himself with new ride because of new woman’s blessings.

Unpleasingly he disclosed that he dumped Shakira because she was full of misfortuntes ,backwardness that even her personal hygiene and intimacy didn’t tick any of his right boxes.

Watch interview here:

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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