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“I Don’t Regret Dumping Ojok, I’m Happy with my ‘Kantu'” – Anne Kansiime Assures


Comedian Anne Kansiime does not regret breaking up with her ex husband, Gerald Ojok.

In 2012, Kansiime married her Acholi ex husband, Gerald Ojok in a beautiful ceremony despite being richer than him.

However, rheir marriage ended five years later allegedly owing to Anne’s financial muscle which was stronger than that of Ojok.

During a Question and Answer session with her followers on YouTube, Kansiime revealed that she had rushed into the marriage and even paid her own bride price.


She however is grateful to Ojok for the life lessons since they propelled her to where she is now.

“There are certain things that might have made me sad, but considering where I am right now, I think I am in such an amazing place. I think that is how we should all live. When you look at where you are, you appreciate the story that got you there. Do I feel bad I left my previous relationship? Not in a million years,” she said

The celebrated comedienne however bashed her fans for being so nosy into her relationships.

“Honestly, I hate that every time I ask people to ask me questions, all they want to know is my relationships. Asking me if I regret breaking up and moving on from my previous man. Guilty? Not Guilty. I do not think I feel bad about it. I think it has more to do with where I am right now. I am in such a great place that I cannot regret what happened last year,” she said.

Anne Kansiime - Skylanta
Anne Kansiime – Skylanta

Kansiime is now engaged to Abraham Tukahirwa alias Skylanta and the two are blessed with one child, Selassie Ataho.

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