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” I don’t expect Kato Lubwama to understand my type of Music” – Grenade Official

A few days ago, former legislator, singer and actor Kato Lubwama came out and trashed some of the lastest trending and topping Uganda music charts .

Among the songs he trashed included Grenade Official’s ‘ Babandana’ which he termed as bubblegum music and useless .He further said that he can’t categorize Grenade as real and certified entertainer because he doesn’t understand anything of his music.

The statements that Kato Lubwama made rubbed Grenade Official the wrong way which forced him to respond to the remarks .

When Grenade was asked to give a comment about Kato Lubwama ‘s striking remarks he made about him and his music .

In his response ,Grenade noted that the former law maker only has old age to blame that it has affected his taste for good music ,even he doesn’t expect him to understand the type of music he does.

He further challenged him to sing the songs he thinks are authentic to him .

“I don’t have many words to reply to Kato Lubwama but if that’s how he sees my songs, it’s totally fine. He is free to sing the songs he thinks are authentic. Besides, with his age, I don’t expect him to understand my type of music,” Grenade said

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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