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“I Discovered the Talent Behind Tumbiza Sound” – Naira Ali Reveals

Female songbird Naira Ali real names, Nabattu Naira has revealed that she discovered the now most appreciated and popular Gulu born singer Eric Opoka commonly known as Eezzy.

Eezzy is the talent behind ‘Tumbiza sound’, a song that has become one of the most popular hit songs and has topped charts for over 6 mkonths now. Every one has been left wondering who might have brought a young talent to the face of Kampala screens.

Today morning, Singer Naira Ali shocked the internet when she revealed that she actually discovered Eezzy two years ago and immediately took him to studio.

2 yrs ago I discovered this highly talented young man through his Sister. #robi_teeofficial .I Immediately took him to my studio and branded him under my label PurpleChord. With our #beatgod #RicoMuchinjaji we did his first single #Wynefimi, then #TakeOver, collaborated with him on third song #Tumayuke which also featured #DJShiru, he did the 4th titled #Kuki and guess what on his 5th song #TumbizaSound, #EeZzy has the biggest song in the country rite now. Am more than proud and fulfilled.
A precedent of artists not supporting young talents in this industry is being overturned .I want to thank every single artist who has opened doors, shared contacts, connections, platform and shine for a new talent…Thank you #SheebaKalungi for #YkeeBender, Thank you Bender for #DreCali , Thank you #VictorKamenyo for #ChosenBecky,etc. Kindly follow link to subscribe to #EeZzyMusic
God bless you all!!!

2 yrs ago I discovered this highly talented young man through his Sister. #robi_teeofficial .I Immediately took him to…

Posted by Naira Ali on Monday, December 7, 2020

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