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“I didn’t choose cricket Oval to Prove a point” – Spice Diana Explains choice of venue

Singer spice Diana has revealed the reason as to why she decided to have her upcoming concert at Lugogo cricket Oval.

The ‘ Siri regular’ singer is stage her show today 13- 1-2023 at Lugogo cricket Oval.

In her recent interview ,She stressed that she made choice of her venue not to brag or prove anything that where her people would be comfortable and happy .

She further added that even after a completely sold out show ,she will not make it a permanent venue ,claiming that she has no limitations on her music career.

“I will not care if only 10 people come or 100 or 10,000, as long as everyone is comfortable and happy. If we sell out, well and good If it was all about the numbers I would have gone back to Freedom City but I did not want my people to have the same experience they had last time as there was no breathing space, seats were removed to create space and everyone was comfortable,” she said

She added : “I do not have conditions in my music career. I can decide to go back to Freedom City or Kololo Airstrip or even Papaz Spot. I do not have any limitations when it comes to my career,” she notes.

The Siri Regular hit maker notes that she is nervous, excited and happy but adds that the nervousness is because of happiness.

According to Spice, she chose Lugogo Cricket Oval because at her Freedom City concert last year, many people who bought tickets last year could not access the venue because it was full.

“They complained and asked why I had taken the concert to a small venue and when I visited social media, they were suggesting that I get a bigger venue that could accommodate them all, so that is why I decided to take this concert to Cricket Oval,” she noted.

Spice Diana has positioned herself as one of the most sought after female artistes in the industry, churning out street anthems, with Siri Regular, being one of the hottest releases in town.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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