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“I cannot accept a son-in-law with hair like Joseph Kony’s. – Frank Gashumba to Daughter

City businessman Frank Gashumba has vowed to his daughter Sheilah Gashumba that he will never accept a son in law with hair like of that ( rebel ) Joseph Kony .


It should be noted that Sheilah is currently dating musician Rickman Manrick.

Through leaked audio in which Frank Was talking to one Diana ,he disclosed the much pain he is going through just because he loved his daughter too much who keeps leaving in the dark and making career ending choices .

At one point he talked about how Sheilah recently introduced to ho a boyfriend that looked disheveled with Kony like hairstyle and he was disappointed with Sheila and swore never to accept such boyfriend even if he is dead.

He further said that he bought a BMW for Sheila in turn she gives it to her boyfriend who can’t even afford to repair it.

“Sheilah and boyfriend (Rickman) plus his dad once came to meet me at a restaurant in Nsambya. The boy has piercings in the nose, mouth and you bring for me such a muyaayu (rascal) with hair like for [rebel] Kony as a husband? Over my dead body!” The furious Frank Gashumba swore in a leaked audio currently making rounds one social media.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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