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“I can not advice Rabadaba about his failed marriage with Maggie, he is older than me” -Grenade Official

Singer Deus Ndugwa alias Grenade Official has come out saying he can’t offer anya advice to fellow singer Rabadaba on his falled marriage with wife Nnalongo Maggie, Rabadaba is much older than him.

Rumours have been making rounds that the relationship between singer Faisal Sseguya alias Rabadaba and his wife Nnalongo Maggie Kiweesi seems to have hit a dead.

According to the rumour mill,that the two are not on good talking terms with allegations hinting on Rabadaba’s “indisciplined and disrespectful” behaviour towards Nnalongo Maggie Kiweesi’s mother being the cause.

During his recent interview ,Grenade Official was tasked to comment and give advice about Rabadaba – Maggie marriage saga .While responding Grenade Official said that he can’t offer Rabadaba advice about marriage instead he is the one who supposed to advise him because Rabadaba is much older than him and that he gives him respect .

He further said that he can’t interfer into other people’s uprelationships but he said that marriage breakups are normal and those who decide to stick together should be together as they wise .

We recall that Grenade and Maggie’s relationship hit a dead-end in 2019 after the two had dated close to a year

Allegations of the singer being gay and a thief dogged their relationship until they finally called it quits.and hooked up Rabadaba and later she introduced him to her parents

This is not Nalongo Maggie’s first public relationship. She has dated celebrities like socialite Don Nasser and the late singer AK47 with whom they share

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KY Jamal
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