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“I bought it with my own Money”- Shakib Lutaaya reveals source of his new car

Zari Hassan ‘s boyfriend Shakib Cham Lutaaya rubbished reports that his new acquired car, was gifted to him by his beloved sweet heart Zari Hassan .He says bought it with his own money.

As he celebrated his birthday,Shakib posted a picture of Sleek SUV he had acquired and rumor had it that it was gifted to him by Zari as token for appreciation for being darling boyfriend.

While speaking to the press a head of Zari’s all white party ,Shakib said that media always wants to portarys him as someone who doesn’t ,but he said that he do and that he bought the car using he is own money.

” The media wants to portarys me as someone who doesn’t work ,but I do and I bought the car myself ” ,Shakib said .

Zari also went to defend him saying that Shakib is mature person and very hardworking and that he can afford to acquire things he desires by himself

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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