“I Am Still in Love with God’s Plan”- Love Struck Sheilah Gashumba Confesses




Former NTV presenter and Social media influencer Sheila Gashumba does not seem to have forgotten about her ex boyfriend Marcus Ali Lwanga aka God’s Plan.

Fresh news indicate that the ex couple were seen hanging out together in a bar during Easter period last week.

Reliable sources have revealed to this website that Sheilah and God’s Plan might get back together because they both cannot let go of each other’s feels even after publicly announcing that they are separated

It should be noted that a few weeks ago, God’s Plan revealed to the media that he had separated with Sheilah Gashumba after their relationship failed to work out.

Sheilah Gashumba - Gods Plan on beacation
Sheilah Gashumba – Gods Plan on beacation

He narrated that they both took a vacation in Zanzibar to see if they can resolve their issues and rekindle their lost romance but all in vain.

He said that they decided to let go each other after the relationship failed to work out.

A few weeks later, they both shared photos of their new lovers on social media to show fans that they had moved on.

Khina Murah
Khina Murah
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