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“I am Happy with Mr Henrie’s Broke Ass” – Prima Kardashi Responds to Geosteady


Galaxy FM’s Mr. Henrie can now sit back and relax after his girlfriend, Prima Kardashi took it upon herself to respond to her ex, Geosteady.

Musician Geosteady recently took to his social.media to critique his replacement, Mr. Henrie for always sleeping in Prima’s house instead of making money.

Geosteady likened him to a houseboy who merely stays at home to do the chores and dirty work instead of being out there minting dimes.

He reminded the radio presenter that love is not always enough to keep a woman. One must have some cash in the offing.

“Poor people love more coz all they have in their pockets is Love make money bro don’t be a house boy rassss!!!” he posted.

This however did not please Prima one bit. Furious, she stormed social media and wrote a really long message about why love is not always about the money as long as both parties are comfortable.

She advised Geosteady to stop acting like a child since some issues are supposed to be private.

“And matters where kids are involved should be given their respect and privacy because they ate not to blame for anyone’s actions.” reads her long missive in part.

Geosteady and Prima were once the ideal couple Ugandans looked to untill they separated over a year ago due to violence. Prima fled in Mr. Henrie’s arms and the two are still rolling.

Read Her Full Message below.

Its very unfortunate️
*first n fore most every one is entittled to move on when a relationship fails n can date whoever they want to date. I rather have the goal than being stuck with ruthless options.
*Second…its never about the money.dont get stuck in a gu** relationship because of the damn money.
(sente bakola nkole ba dear)
*You cannot steal a human being.__ like how can  u steal a whole woman with legs lol…. if shez wea she is kitegeza she is 100% happy n contented.
*Third__ No body was born n created for a specific Human. it is very ok to break up__ pack ur bags n settle in the next neighbourhood.(Your happiness matters). Even our parents who taught us not to kufumba kafo at some point failed n went back to their homes in the villages.
At a point where people break up after more than years kitegeza binji ebiganye era bulyomu nasalawo anonye obulamu obupya.
Gone are the days where breaks up became battle fields like Loool sigwe aba asoose.
All  the two parties have to do is focus on wats best for their coming Lives.
Bulyomu gyali gyalabira omusana nenjuba__ dont judge books by its covers btw️
Rejection should not be hate but rather redirection.
sit your self down n look at the past mistakes u did in ur previous relationship n promise your self to not do the same in your New life.
*Lastly____ Having a greatful heart is key n shield to negativity.
 Just because people have done us wrong doesnt mean that we should forget the good things n moments. If you spend your time hoping someone will suffer the consequences for what they did to your heart, then you’re allowing them to hurt you even more because  God has plans for all of us.
Lets Respect each other n their decisions.
Ofcourse we cannot all have the same taste.
N matters where kids are involved should be given their respect n privacy cz they are not to blame for anyones’ action…… kuba negwoba offunye naye ayina okuzaala n as kids they will need each other in future .So ebya kaisali bisigale nga bya kaisali naba talawuya tutyo

** I come in peace

signed n stapped by prima wa Rasta

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