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“I almost Died after having Three Surgeries” – Stella Nantumbwe Narrates Heartbreaking Story

Stella Nantumbwe

Former Miss Uganda and actress Stella Natumbwe commonly known as Ellah has finally resurfaced after spending almost two years in hiding.

The gorgeous actress and model last appeared before the media in 2019 around the month of July when she intended to sue media houses and blogs for defamation.

This was because she was reported to have been involved in a romantic relationship with famous Prophet Elvis Mbonye. Since then, no one seems to have heard from her.

However, Nantumbwe has finally resurfaced through a long Instagram post revealing to her fans why she has been off the globe and what she has been up to.

Below is her Post:

Where have you been?
Why are you so quiet?
Why are you so lost?
What are you doing now?

Above are questions I’ve heard from people the past few years. “What are you doing now?” sticks out for me though. Here’s my answer…

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I’ve been so busy DYING. I’ve been dying to a version of myself that no longer served me or the purpose I was created for. It’s been one truly trying but rewarding journey.

A journey that’s seen me through 3 surgeries, 3 cancer scares, depression, anxiety, a 20KG weight gain and a series of immeasurable losses of friends,family and loved ones.

A journey that’s tested my resilience, shaken my pride, tried my intelligence, weighed my forgiveness capability and my ability to simply let go…and let GOD.An emotional roller coaster that had me questioning my entire existence,my life choices and impact on each and every one I’d ever met, but a journey that I am ever so thankful for regardless.

Please allow me to testify! God is simply amazing, because for every tear we cry he gives us double for our trouble and he does this more often than we may stop to acknowledge. Indeed “In the pain was a plan.”

He stripped me bare,left me with nothing and no one especially in those moments when all you see are masks, machines and protective gear and the countdown begins, in those moments I was reminded that truly Everything is Vanity. My last words in the OR. would be to the Lord, “Please wake me up from this one… Time and time again he did. He woke me up…

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In the words of Tasha Paige “Why not me? I’m the perfect person to go through this storm.”

My faith was indeed built up,let me echo the many voices that have said it before, we serve a mighty God. Seek him, truly seek him with your broken and contrite heart. That’s his version of a true sacrifice.

There’s so much more I could say… but for now let’s have a Praise Break and Praise Jesus!

Here I am LORD, redeemed and reckoned righteous by your MERCY. Thank You Father! @oscar_ntege only you could have captured this so beautifully. Thank You Thank You Thank you

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