How to Make Money From YouTube the Easiest Way




YouTube is the largest video streaming platform in the world with over a billion subscribers and vloggers that have turned in huge amounts of profits over the years. It’s never too late to start your own YouTube channel and generate income that is going to relieve some of the stress that is posed by unemployment.

Below are some ideas that you can use to make money from YouTube:

1.Video monetization

According to YouTuberecent guidelines, one have to reach atleast 1k subscribers before they can be granted with monetization features. This means that you will have to fight by all means to reach this target before your channel can generate money.

— Promote it on social media. Chances are, there’s already people that are looking for the type of content you’re creating.

— Be creative. Just take a look at the success of Podcast and chill that went from YouTube to our TV screens. There’s always something new to create, once you’ve found that selling point – things will start looking up.


— Reach out to brands and show them that you’re the force to be reckoned with that you can promote their businesses.

— Tailor make your videos to attract potential buyers without bombarding them with click bate or overwhelming them with products that they are not interested in. This will easily chase them away.

3.Exclusive videos

There’s an awesome platform that was created to allow creatives to monetize their work through pay walls. This means that some of your videos will remain reserved for exclusive users that pay a monthly subscription to access that content.

— Sign up with Patron. You can search the term on Google and the website will pop up. Create your account and monetize your content.

Below is our YouTube:

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