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How Singer Jamie Culture Lost his Mind and Got Disowned by his Father


Reknown songwriter and singer, Jamie Culture  can not differentiate between A and B after he went mad, sources have learnt.

According to his land lady, Jamie long lost his wits and needs immediate help considering that his father, Kabuye Sembogga abandoned him.

While appearing on Spark TV, Jamie’s land lady revealed that her client has not been paying rent ever since this year’s lockdown started and she can not accommodate him anymore.

She explained that she had been encoutering Jamie but he didn’t seem to speak any understandabke speech and he could not comprehend anything.

When she contacted his father Kabuye, whom everyone knows is his biological dad for help, he quickly disowned Jamie insisting he has never fathered anyone like Jamie.

“Ever since the lockdown begun, Jamie Culture has not been paying a single coin yet my rent is only Shs 300k per month.

A few days ago he ran mad and started talking jabberishly, leaving all my other tenants concerned.

When I calles Kabuye Sembogga whom we all knew as the father, he said that he is not the father so I got confused and decided to call the media.” she said.

Jamie is reknown for his beliefs in tradition, small gods and superstition just like our ancestors did

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