How Music Star, Samo Kagaati aka Coco UG Lost his Career to Excessive use of Drugs




Samo Kagaati, who was widely known by his stage name, Coco UG used to be a well known music idol in 2017 and preceding years. He however is now a skeleton of rags roaming streets of Makindye.

Coco UG used to top Ugandan music charts exactly five years ago which won him collaborations with Uganda’s most notable music icons such as Chameleone and Irene Ntale.

In 2017, his song ‘Yona Gyemba’ was hummed and played by many.  His vocals and songs were so fantastic that he was considered a household name.

He recorded a song with Leone Island star, Chameleone ‘Mineral water”, worked with Gravity Omutujju on ‘Kyekyo’ all of which became an immediate success.

His looks and fashion sense also acted as a trademark as his fame escalated. He became known as a UK based artiste specializing in R&B, Dancehall, Pop, Reggae and Afro beat music.

However, his name is as of now like a long forgotten ghost that used to haunt the streets of Kampala as his name rings a bell in only a few close friends and relatives.

This is after he became addicted to drugs which made him lose his wits and forced his own family to kick him out like an unwanted beggar.

He now roams the streets of Makindye, Salaama road surviving on the empathy of passer-bys. He however is barely recognizable.

Coco UG of course is not the last or first artiste to lose his career to drugs. Jackie Chandiru, Qute Kaye and several others lost their talent and marbles to drugs.

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Khina Murah
Khina Murah
I am a Ugandan well trained and experienced Entertainment journalist and businesswoman. I do both research and anchoring.
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