How Many Cassavas Has Zari Hassan Swallowed?? Shocking List Here




Ever since Zarinah Ttale Hassan alias Zari The Boss lady hit the limelight, she has made more news for dating men than anything else.

Following the fact that she is such a beauty queen who is Half Indian and half Ugandan, Zari is has bedded a string of men from businessmen, to conmen, boys and to singers. Where as it is difficult to tell what happens between the sheets, it is simple to categorize people who have been friends.

We have diligently followed and observed Zari’s sexual network, and can reveal that the statistical properties of the network are undoubtedly shocking.

Rata Rob MC

Rata Rob is one of the famous and legendary radio personality. He revealed that zari was his girlfriend before she met Ivan and he was the one who brought her from Jinja to Kampala. He stated that he was the one who introduced her to Kampala city.

Ivan Ssemwanga.

Ivan was one of the top successful young entrepreneurs. His death was a shock to the entertainment industry. he died after he suffered a heart attack and a brain tumor. Ivan was Zari’ s first husband and they were married to 1 year.

The two met when Zari moved to south Africa after staying in the united Kingdom. Their marriage was a secret and Ivan managed to keep it low key even after Zari left. They had a lavish traditional wedding. The couple had three sons; Diddy, Pinto and Quicy. Zari divorced Ivan hinting to the possibility of domestic violence. Zari moved on very quickly.

Williams Bugembe alias Boss Mutoto

After Ivan’ s death, Zari was rumored to be dating Williams bugembe. she later shared a photo on her Instagram insisting that they just ate sausages all nights.

Isaac Lugude

After her divorce from Ivan, Zari was rumored to have dated quite a few men, Isaac  Lugude commonly known as LK4, a basketball player and former big brother representative was among. He claimed that Zari sought after him and approached him after watching him play a few times. An adult tape leaked and he threw very terrible statements about her.

Farouk Sempala

After LK4, zari allegedly hooked up with Farouk Sempala. Their relationship did not become famous and little is known about them.

Naseeb Abdhul Juma (Diamond Platinumz)

Diamond Platinumz is one of the most celebrated bongo musicians. Diamond is the CEO of Wasafi records. Diamond and Zari got married and had quite the romantic marriage filled with lavish gifts, surprise and exotic holidays. Daimond reportedly bought Zari a house in South Africa as a birthday gift. The two had two children during their time together, Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan. Their marriage ended because of infidelity.

Zari Hassan – Diamond Platinumz

Peter Okoye

Diamond accused Zari of cheating on him with Peter Okoyo. Peter is one of the top Nigerian Musicians. He is the former member of P- square. Both of them, that’ s zari and Peter came out to refute his claims.

King Bae

After the separated with Diamond, she found love with another man in 2019. She posted a photo of a gift from a new boyfriend on valentine’ s day. Zari dated King bea for months and later dumped him citing he was a conman who wanted to gain fame.

Dark Stallion

In February 2021, Zari Hassan unveiled Dark Stallion as her new lover having broken up with King Bea. The South Africa-based Ugandan socialite seemed to have found peace with Dark Stallion and has always shared photos of themselves having a good time on social media. Yesterday, the socialite deleted all their pictures together and wrote that sh had parted ways with him.

Zari - Dark stallion
Zari – Dark stallion

Celebs and Artists

Various Ugandan celebrities and artists have been linked tothe socialite. However we can’t confirm if it happened or not.

  • Mowzey Radio
  • Aziz Azion
  • Weasle Manizo
  • Exodus
  • DJ Shiru
  • Grenade Official

Khina Murah
Khina Murah
I am a Ugandan well trained and experienced Entertainment journalist and businesswoman. I do both research and anchoring.
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