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Here is Why Sheebah Didn’t Report Man Who Sexually Assaulted


Its no doubt that Queen Sheeba is currently trending on social media after her public confession through a video statement that she had been sexually assaulted few days back.

Sheebah Karungi went on Social media shared video claiming that some man who appears on television and presents himself as a role model sexually assaulted.

She didn’t reveal the name of the man but she said that man has SFC guards and that the incident happened at event where she performed ,she didn’t mention the event,the date ,time and place of her rape or even report the matter to rape.

This caused a lot of controversy in the public domain with some people feeling sorry for her while others questioning her rants claiming why he didn’t report the matter for the security authorities and decided to took it on social media.

In recent post on her socials, Sheebah who seems to be not concerned by criticism from different stake holders ever since opening up about how she had been sexually assaulted, has revealed to why she didn’t report the matters to the authorities and she shared cartoonist photos with different reasons and captioned them ” A WOMAN’s FREEDOM BEGINS WITH HER BODY‼️

This B.S needs to STOP 🛑

This topic has alway been very personal to me. I guess ITS TIME to shine more light & depth to it.”

Screen shot

Though some who see themselves as beacons of decency still allude her skimpy dressing style while doing stage performances as the root cause of her current troubles, the ‘Ayi’ singer is assertive that what happened to her shouldn’t happen to any other woman in the world.

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She further claimed that women are not objects that they should rose up and say no to any kind of abuse.

According to Sheebah, Its a matter of being brave and portraying the strength of a woman in such challenging moment and she is proud to have set a precedent that will forever be remembered in the history of the entire entertainment circles.

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