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Here is Why Jose Chameleone Failed to Perform in London at the Uganda @60 Concert

Ugandan musician Joseph Mayanja alias Jose Chameleone was meant to perform at a concert dubbed Uganda@60 at Royal Regency hall in London ,United Kingdom over the weekend.

He was expected to perform along with other Ugandan artists like ; Lydia Jazmine ,Daddy Andre ,Geosteady and Kabako.

However ,the ‘Valu Valu’ singer failed to attend following his failure to find a flight in time after a mix up in his visa delivery.

In a press statement, his promoters, shared the singer’s apology explaining that his visa had been dropped at the wrong address.

“Chameleone who is currently visiting his family in Minneapolis, Minnesota. USA had originally applied for a UK visa while still in Uganda Unfortunately following its processing, the international courier company (FedEx) initially delivered the visa to Memphis a totally different state from where he was staying,” read the statement

“While the error was addressed and the visa later delivered, Chameleone regretfully failed to catch any available flight to London on Friday October 7 2022.”

‘He would like to thank his UK fans for their immense support over the years and promises to make up for this disappointment soon.”

The promoters then apologized to everyone who had bought a ticket in anticipation of a Chameleone performance.

The ‘Valu Valu’ hitmaker also took to social media to apologize to his fans.

“Tonight would have been a great night for us all at the Royal Regency in London, I still imagine what a performance I had for you because even as I write this my heart is in the UK ,” he wrote

“Unfortunately beyond my control I won’t be able to make it as there was a twist of events at the last minute. I shall save this energy for a future date that Phurz-media and I are already looking into .Thank you for your continuous support, I don’t take it for granted. I trust that my colleagues shall put up a tremendous show as we all celebrate our Independence Day.”Jose Chameleone noted .

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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