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Here is why Court has further Remanded city Socialite Sipapa and his Wife

Makindye grade one court Magistrate Patience Tukundane has on Monday further remanded embattled city socialite Charles Olim alias Sipapa and his wife Shamirah until January 19,2023.

She said that Sipapa and his wife have been remanded further because there are new fresh and new charges that they have added to the charge sheets and still needs to be investigated .

The new six charges that were added to Sipapa’s charge sheet include money laundering. The government prosecutor claimed that when Sipapa stole the money, he used it to buy different items and household property.

Based on Sipapa’s lawyer, Mr. Geoffrey Tulyamusiima the cases charged against Sipapa are not that difficult to handle since there is no one pinning him on the allegations.


It is now the 5th month since Sipapa and the wife were arrested on charges related to aggravated robbery.

The first charges were six which were split with the main case being aggravated robbery. Today they added six other charges, which now totals 12 cases.

Among the fresh charges include money laundering saying when he stole the money, he bought many different items like cars. They also went to his home and took each and everything saying they confiscated the property to act as their evidence.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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