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Heartbroken Winnie Nwagi narrates shocking story of how she was used and dumped

Musician Winnie Nwagi has shed floods of tears after her heart was broken by a fan who loved her music. She has decided to confide the whole love story to her fans.

The bummy musician revealed that she fell in love with a man, who apparently loved her music and did everything possible to hoodwink her into thinking he really loved her more than life itself.

The whole affair, Nwagi revealed during an interview with a local TV station however ended in tears after the said fan revealed that he is married.

Full story below:

“Recently, I met someone who looked my type, someone I had always wanted to have, he did things other people have never done for me, I felt like ooh this is the person . He always told me I like yo song ‘Jangu’, basically in the beginning everything was so nice, he made me feel like ooh my God this is the guy. So I started telling my friends.

He did so many things that I have never experienced, things that I won’t mention coz people will start relating hihih[laughs] but jus know he made me feel so special even in public he held my hands so I fell in love.

And then out of the blue, he’s like I can’t do this anymore, I have a woman and yet in the first place he never told me anything like that, he jus said he was single. So I think he had gotten what he wanted, if u know u know. He broke my heart at a time I had fully fallen in love with him. We really had a wonderful connection but I WAS USED.

Finally I got to understand that this guy loved my music and also his target was to bonk me. He put in every effort to get me and finally used me. But all in all, life has to move on.”

Winnie Nwagi (Everything Video Screenshot)

Khina Murah
Khina Murah
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