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“He turned me into His S3x Object”-Famed Libido Expert Kalaso’s Wife drags him into Family Court

Kalaso and Wife

Latest news coming in at Celeb Patrol news indicates how famed libido expert Hussein Musisi aka Kalaso is embroiled in a domestic row emanating from the bedroom. As it turns out, that stamina and flexibility is a figment of his fertile imagination.

His estranged wife, Ruth Musimenta, has dragged him to the family court with a supplication of assertions  , amongst them turning her into a s3x object.

She is afraid the libido expert is administering the drugs he has familiarized on himself and is using them to sleep with different women.

Musimenta, a mother of two children, is so frustrated that even their shamba boy and house girl could be having more s3x than them — a couple with the means.

That her once loving husband also abrogated his fatherly duties of providing for their two children drove her out of her marital home and to court where she wants redress.

Kalaso confesses to having sacrificed a lot to salvage their marriage, but he is on the verge of giving up since it is not worth the fight. I am only hurt that she still has custody of our children. I have over time built a very strong bond with them

When she comes out and says I am wanting in bed, she just wants to embarrass me. Her anger stems from other issues, which many married couples go through,” he starts.

Kalaso believes that Musimenta’s long-term goal is to collapse his thriving business, which he says has helped bring happiness in many bedrooms.

“That woman has an agenda. She wants to destroy my business. How can she come up and say that I have failed to provide for my children and I have run out of money? She just wants to embarrass me,”-He said.

A close family member reveals that there have been several attempts to reconcile the warring couple; both parties have exhibited excessive pride, which is why they ended in court.

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Now details obtained at the Nsangi family division court indicate that now Kalaso wants court to confirm that Musimenta gives him full custody of the children or grant him access to the children whenever he feels like seeing them

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