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“He stood me up on our Wedding Day ” – Pastor Kiwedde’s Ex wife Mbabazi Spills his Dirty Secrets

Pastor Kiwedde & ex wife Mbabazi
Pastor Kiwedde & ex wife Mbabazi

Ex wife to city Pastor William Paul Muwanguzi aka Pastor Kiwedde, Athina Mbabazi has revealed why her relationship with the once powerful man of God failed.

While appearing on NTV Mwasuze mutya, Mbabzi said that she loved her husband so much but she was disappointed by his hideous actions.

Mbabazi said that this were always praying together and that at the time he proposed to her, they also prayed about it.

“I met pastor William Muwanguzi and he was a good man at that time. I didn’t know all this would happen and when he proposed to me we prayed about it. He wasn’t nicknamed ‘Kiwedde’ yet,” she said.

She narrated that Kiwedde stood her up on their wedding day, they were supposed to meet at Church at 11:00 am in the morning but he appeared at 6:00 on.

 “My ex-husband (Pastor Kiwedde) showed up at 6:00 pm for our wedding yet we were supposed to meet at church at 11:00am. Everything was a sign that it was wrong because even the Pastor had refused to wed us.”

Pastor Kiwedde became famous because of his activities at his defunct Church under the name of Holy Fire Ministries at Namulanda Village along Kampala- Entebbe road where thousands of believers used to gather to receive ‘miracles’.

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He is said to have extorted a lot of money from his followers from which he accumulated wealth and bought lavish cars he branded ‘Kiwedde’ meaning ‘it is done’.

Kiwedde has previously faced several charges including terrorism, illegal possession of firearms and assaulting a police officer on duty.

Records at police indicate that in 2010, Muwanguzi changed his name to Paul Mwamba and went into hiding in Kenya where he opened a church in Eldoret which he operated until 2013.

According to reports, Kiwedde is currently grassing with his life having lost his supernatural powers that he reportedly acquired from dark forces. Sources say that it is all because he failed to fullfill all the promises he had made to the small gods that gave him powers.

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