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” He kept being in my life in a special way which got me attracted to him more and more ” – Nina Roz Reveals How Daddy Andre won her Heart

Musician Nina Kankunda alias Nina Roz has portrayed picture on how and   when they started their relationship with producer Daddy Andre and explained how she continuously rejected him but the producer was no inches closer to letting go of his plans which finally made him to win her heart.

When news of singer Nina Roz introducing Daddy Andre circulated last year, many question raised whether the couple could make it together for a while. Little did we know that they had not just met a day before their introduction but for years dating back?

”Billboard-Kipande “ hit maker during her interview with Record FM revealed that It has not been only one moment for her to come to realize that Andre was  the right man for her but rather a couple of moments that kept coming with him around her in a very special way. But mostly though strangely, that was him trying to put her in the right line. I could wonder since I wasn’t his sister and because he knew many people but all the time came to tell me what right needed to be done. Having someone in life who always tells you the truth about you especially us (artists), you need to be proud. He kept being in my life in a special way which got me attracted to him more and more.

“Andre and I have known each other for some time which most people have no clue about.  People started judging us after the introduction but we have been more than friends and never rushed because we walked into this relationship when we both loved it after understanding each and everything. When you do something with love, it’s always the best. What we don’t know yet, we shall get to learn in the long run and I believe our relationship won’t end in tears because it didn’t start in tears,” Nina said during her interview.

First, it was Andre who shared  his relationship story with Record FM that they had been long-time friends with Nina which this time around Nina shared the baby stages of their relationship. She too reaffirmed that they can’t end badly when they started in the right ways.

What one wonders about is whether such a celebrity couple would work out. But Nina is optimistic that that will fall in place since they take their issues upon them and never just spill their secrets anyhow.

“We separate music from our relationship and this fact never bothers us. We always make sure we have our own private life and enjoy it as we rectify the wrongs by ourselves. What we bring out is what exactly we want you to see. ”she noted.


KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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