Hassan Nduga Reveals Why He was Arrested in South Africa





Kadongo Kamu Singer, Hassan Ndunga has revealed to why he was arrested in South Africa.

The singer was relased from a South African prison recently where he was detained at start of December last year.

While appearing on NBS TV Uncut show, Nduga said that he was arrested in South Africa due to his overstaying in the country illegally.

That he moved to South Africa to join his family so that he can make some money since in Uganda there was lockdown.

“When I reached there, I started working in a salon owned by my brother. I had made a lot of money, but they took it all when they arrested me. They couldn’t believe a foreigner could make a lot of money in a short time,” Nduga stated.

He added that he is looking forward to resume his job as a musician. He says he was helped by the National Unity Platform(NUP), friends, family to survive jail.

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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