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Hassan Nduga Hits Back At Ronald Alimpa with  ‘Tebayambika’

The Verbal attack bedridden singer Ronald Alimpa launched on fellow Hassan Nduga who rescued him from fatal accident few weeks ago have taken another turn.The Kadongo Kamu singer Hassan Nduga has now  released new song dubbed ‘Tebayambika’ attacking bedridden singer Ronald Alimpa.

Ever since getting involved in a fatal accident, Nduga has for the last been encountering tough times after being accused of embezzling funds that were meant to aid those that were injured in the accident which cost three lives and left Alimpa and others hospitalised.

Alimpa alongside his family and relatives have been hurling missiles at Nduga by branding him as a celebrated thief and capitalist for utilising their hard times to steal from them.

In his new song ‘Tebayambika’ , Hassan Nduga claims that he have learnt a lesson of never being a good Samaritan since those in need of help instead turn their backs against their life savers.

Listen to the audio below:

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KY Jamal
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