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Has Prima Kardashi moved on from Geosteady?? Find out Shocking Truth!!

Ever since musician Geosteady and his baby mama, Prima Kadarshi split over several personal differences, Mr. Henrie of Galaxy FM has been suspected of being the man who snatched Prima’s heart from the singer.

Mr. Henrie, who works on Galaxy FM Morning show tukole however denied being the man who is currently chewing Prima Kadarshi. His actions however speak otherwise.

It has been reported that the two are these days worriedly tight. They have been spotted at several hang out joints around town, something that should be a cause for worry.

Geosteady – Prima – kid

The two, as if to further confirm the public suspicions appeared together in a  bouncy photoshoot which betrayed the chemistry between them.

Prima posted the said photo, appealing to fans to support Mr. Henrie, who supposedly is working on a YouTube channel with the cosmetician.


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Posted by Prima Kadarshi on Monday, November 16, 2020

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