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Haffie Spills Secrets of Her Relationship With Lwasa

Haffie, Emmanuel Lwasa’s supposed fiance has disclosed her bedroom secrets with the businessman .

A week back ,Lwasa made his relationship with Haffie ,later went on to propose to her at his office before the press.

However, a few days later, Haffie came out and revealed that her propose with Lwasa was stage managed that she can’t date a man like Lwasa.
Haffie’s rants ,however didn’t go well with Lwasa ,who bitterly responded to her .

Lwasa alleged that Haffie was targeting his property and money and so demanding ,that she turned against him when he failed to meet some of her wants.

In her recent ,interview ,Haffie pouring out all her anger and frustrations ,she warned Lwasa against destroying her name ,cautioning him that if he continues to prove her she may drag him to court.

She further disclosed that she couldn’t date Lwasa ,on the grounds that according to his leaked sex tapes,his manhood is too small to please her in bed

KY Jamal
KY Jamal
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